Category Management Advisory

The Project is for Retailers who are looking for understanding better their customer needs and increasing the sales.

One of the most significant influencers of sales, besides sales promos and campaigns, is the way how categories are organized within the store. This is called Store Category Management which is based on the shopper psychology studies, research in the particular store category layout, the shopper flow and shop-along.

To propose a layout for single category, the Single Category Management project is carried out. In this project the current category layout is analyzed as well as sales and profitability data provided by the Client. The proposal for category sales increase is created taking into account Client’s future vision and priorities.

Both types of the Project are based on the close cooperation with the Client and the project proposal is created after a thorough understanding of the Client’s needs. 

Store Category Management Project

  • Analysis of the current store layout spotting out the opportunity area
  • Together with Client we will define what are the priority categories
  • Gain understanding of shopper requirements for the shopping environment
  • The proposal for organizing categories within the store
  • Suggestions for promo space organization and how to work with manufacturers on this

Single Category Management Project

  • Analysis of the current category layout
  • Category product sales and profitability data analysis
  • The proposal of category sections’ layout based on category specifics and trade-up, trade-across and basket increase possibilities
  • Proposal on key SKU placement

Our approach

We will work in close cooperation with Client’s team understanding category current state, challenges and future goals, as well as Client’s floor plan architects who are creating technical solutions.

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