Customer Relationship Management


How do you view your Customers tod­­­­­­­­­­­ay?

  • A “means to an end”?
  • A “necessary evil”?
  • Someone to transact business with?
  • Or, a genuine partnership seeking shared beneficial results for both parties?

Especially in a competitive B2B environment, how key Customers are positively m­­­anaged is not just “nice to have” but a strategic imperative. And yet few companies can claim to have a cogent Customer Strategy.

This course helps teams (that interact with major customers) to develop specific plans to foster a strong working relationship that can identify and address customer needs and concerns, represent these internally and deliver consistently above par performance.

Target Audience

The course is designed for teams who interact with one or more major customers in their business. Ideally these teams will be “multi-functional” if the business is conducted by more than Buyers and Sellers.

Who should attend?

Certainly, the Team Leader must attend as he/she will ultimately “own” the Customer Relationship Strategy and should be best placed to define the current status. Plus members of the Team that interact with people at the customer. (NB Non-Sales people are of great value to the course process)


Teams will undertake a journey of discovery to understand the quality of their existing Customer Relationships, the Relationship they seek for the future and what it will take to achieve this.

Along the way, Teams will identify not only what they do know about their customer (and its organization) but also what they don’t know!

Training Duration

The formal classroom training is a one (full) day event but this may be supplemented with coaching support for Team Leaders and their Teams.

Class Size

Optimum class size is (max) 30. This could be any combination from (max) 6 table groups of 4 – 6 participants to (min) 2 table groups of 15. Each table should (for the purpose of the training) be dedicated to a single Customer and everyone at the table should have personal experience of interacting with the Customer. This will best enable good discussion and shared learning.