Excellence in Execution


Top Management in many industries today, recognizes that their Strategies are simply not working as they had expected…….but struggle to understand why. This course addresses the “performance gap” between an organization’s goals and objectives and its results. This is achieved by exploring the key elements of Execution to better understand what works and (what doesn’t work) in the delivery of business projects.

Execution is, in fact, like a Relay Race in so many ways. The overall result is dependent on the skills and contribution of individuals working in concert. The performance of individuals will underpin (or can undermine) the result being sought. However elegant the Strategy may be, the result will depend on the quality of the Execution.

Target Audience

Significant business results are delivered not by individuals but by teams. Therefore, the course is designed for teams who get real value from discussing their performance and exploring their strengths and weaknesses.

Who should attend?

Certainly, the Team Leader should attend along with his/her team members (up to a maximum of 10 to facilitate practical discussion).


Teams will learn the “CORE” elements of Execution and review the performance of recent business objectives to identify

  • Recurring failures within the Team and by those external people on whom they depend
  • Strengths to exploit and Interventions required
  • How they could improve performance in the future

Training Duration

The formal classroom training is a one (full) day event but this may be supplemented with coaching support for Team leaders and their Teams

Class Size

Optimum class size is (max) 30 participants in 3 table groups of (max) 10. Participants at each table should have an existing working relationship with other members of the table group or – at least – a good knowledge of their work processes and results.