Process Improvement

We help our clients rethink and reshape the current business processes in order to gain and retain a substantial competitive advantage.

Though each company and organization has its own way of operations, many companies are still struggling with questions like:

  • Why does my team work against or go over the deadlines?
  • Why does the completion of task take so much time?
  • Why would I need to give my approval for the same project several times?
  • Why do I need to do this? This doesn’t add any value!
  • Why my customers have so many complaints?
  • There is a constant sense of hurry and mess in operations!

These are only a couple of items which signal that review of current process or the creation of the new one is needed in the organization.

Process Optimization requires a strong collaboration within the client company and involves identifying, understanding, analyzing the current process and creating the thought process that makes work more productive and value added. The outcome of the Process Optimization depends on the ability to implement the changes in the organization which is the next step to improve the productivity and outcome value.

In general we can say that value is driven by the ability to achieve benefits sooner in shorter time creating more efficient communication process, clear guidelines for operations and the flexibility to frequently adjust the end-state target.

Our approach

In a short period of time the client will receive the analyzed current process, where they can connect the dots between the tasks people do, how much time it takes, what obstacles they face, the errors and the rework necessary to revise them.

The second phase of the project is to create the portfolio of improvement opportunities and the new process suggestion.

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